July 18, 2011


Alrighty. Julie's turn for an update. So I've been busy busy with Leelou stuff. I'll talk about that one day when I have time, but know it is fun. And keeps me busy and up far too late.

This pregnancy is flying by. Partly because I have 3 kids to chase around and partly because I have some killer meds that make me not feel like dying all day.
I've been feeling great and am steadily gaining far too much weight. I get braxton hicks pretty much all the live long  day and her feet are constantly blocking my ribs and airway, but I can't complain because I'm not withering on the bathroom floor. So bring on the heartburn! I'll take it over being sick any day.

I keep waiting for this nesting phase to hurry and kick in, but as of now I am the opposite of nesting. I have no energy to move. I do look around my house all day and imagine the things I would love to get done. Then I usually eat another popsicle, take a nap and pretend that I'll do it later.

The one thing I wasn't expecting was to get all hot and swollen. I've never been pregnant in the summer and figured it would be fine. Well it's not. Seriously. Don't be 9 months pregnant in July. It's not fun. I would post a picture of my feet and ankles at the end of the day as proof of this fact, but you might gasp in horror. And then dry heave.

Just know that I look like Aunt Marge.

Speaking of Harry Potter...I'm one of the 12 people on earth who have never really seen the movies before. Potter failure right here. Last week Jeremy and I watched a movie every night so I could get all caught up and we could go watch the last one in the theater. I actually liked them a lot more then I thought I would. Every time I saw Snape I said in my head "Why a spoon cousin?" and then I laughed and laughed. And wished that my sisters were there. Cause apparently that's not funny to most people.

Anyway, back to baby business....I'll be induced again with this baby because my babies are fat. And bad things happen that are unblogable to speak of. And having tiny little Dane was the most amazing thing ever. Small babies rule. I could be induced on July 31st, but that's a Sunday. So as of now this baby will come rain or shine on Monday August 1st. Which means we've got 2 weeks of rearranging furniture, walking and jumping on trampolines to see if she'll come early. I won't hold my breath though. It's probably a good thing if she doesn't come early as I don't have a single thing ready for her. I did buy binky's, which is kind of sad now that I think about it. All the things I have to do and get ready and I buy the one thing that will make her stay quiet. I'll blame that on the insanity of having 4 kids in 6 years. Don't judge me.

I don't really take pictures of myself pregnant cause again...Aunt Marge...but here is a glimpse of my roundness. And that is all you get for now.


  1. I love it Julie! My list for this kid include a new boppy cover--because I oddly want a new one, new bottles, binkies, and a blanket. That's it. I feel ya on the summer pregnancy thing. Having Teik at the end of June was not too bad. I lose energy the second I step outside, which sucks because I want to soak up the sun and lay by pools and the beach everyday. I'm jealous your end is in sight. I have the countdown, but still have to make it through August. Ugh!

  2. Marimom7/21/2011

    As usual, love the post Ju-Ju-be! Love the "spoon" reference! Have never seen a Harry Potter movie (I'm one of the 12 who never have) but love the actor who plays snape! My favorite in Robin Hood! If I ever watch the movies it will be for him! Dumb, huh? So excited about our baby girl coming on the first!! Any luck on the name??