August 24, 2009

"Chubby-Chubberson" (if you name that movie you get 50 points)

Here are some cute pictures of my little Daners. His eyes have really been turning brown lately and I'm so excited! It's so weird to see a dark haired, dark eyed boy. I love it. He is such a happy baby. As long as someone is looking at him, he is one happy boy.

He had his 4 month check up a few weeks ago and was almost 19lbs. He's on the verge of size 5 diapers and has started rolling all over. He's an ambi-turner like his brother before him. He always wants to be sitting up and so I had been debating buying him a Bumbo seat. I wanted one with Kelson, but I'm cheap and never got one. Now that I'm outnumbered during the days, I thought a Bumbo seat might be essential for this picky boy. His legs are far too large for it, but we pry him out before his toes turn purple. No he's not naked in this picture.

And I've said before how this boy insists on being held. Bedtime was killer because he wanted to be rocked to sleep. So when we were at Mindi's house Jeremy threw him in a swing and Dane was out in minutes. It was a miracle that worked over and over again. Since we've been home we've gone through 3 battery changes in this bad boy. My arms thank you Fisher-Price.


  1. Handsome Dane sure looks like his big brother even with the little difference in his coloring. Bet his hair will end up like his handsome Daddy's. I just love fat babies!!!!! Just want to eat him up.

  2. He is so cute! I love the legs in that bumbo. He is Delicious! My babies were fat too. Tate was 21lbs at 4 weeks. Ya, I feel ya on the arms. I never had such nice toned arms til I had kids. Lol!

  3. Marimom8/24/2009

    Ohhhhh, my sweet chubble bubble! I could actually just squeeze him and eat him up. He does look a lot like Mr. K and that is super-duper for sure. Kiss and love all of them for Marimom......

  4. I laughed for about 3 straight minutes when I saw the bumbo picture. And all I could think of was, "fat guy in a littttle coooaat."
    He's so cute!

  5. Auntie Jan8/25/2009

    I get first bite on those chubby thighs!!!!!!!!!