April 26, 2010

I no like you no more!

So one night I had spent 2 glorious hours at walmart. It was late and I was alone. I took my time gathering up all the stuff that I don't have time to usually get. I had a cart full of great things I had been meaning to pick up for the last few months. Right when I was heading to purchase my goods, I saw smoke everywhere.
Some teenagers had set a rack of clothes on fire! As Walmart tried to rush me out, I tried to convince them why it was necessary for me to checkout even if it meant risking smoke inhalation. I would use self checkout if needed.
They didn't care that I had spent 20 minutes weighing the pros and cons of several shampoos. They didn't care that I rummaged through the discount aisle for 15 minutes or that I finally remembered to pick up that patch to fix the hole in my favorite jeans. They didn't care that I had a cart full of odds and ends that could never be replaced with 3 children in  tow. They didn't care that I seriously did not want to leave!!

So I took one last look at the goods I would never own, and slowly walked away. I camped out in my car for a good hour and a half before realizing they weren't going to let me in any time soon...that and the fact that my milk had been sitting in my cart for a good 2 hours and there was no way I wanted it now. So I left in defeat. Stinking teenagers.

 "I no like you no more"


  1. Stupid teenagers! What should we do tonight? "Oh, I know, let's got set a rack of clothes on fire at Wal-mart. Yeah, that would be awesome!"
    You crack me up Julie. Sorry they wouldn't let you check out. They obviously don't know all the hard work it takes shopping with three kids. =)

  2. HA HA that sucks for you, but at least you got an entertaining story out of it!

    Seriously though,Julie, I thought you had grown out of lighting things on fire!

  3. Thank you for the great laugh, but so sad for you at the same time.

  4. Thank you for posting so soon since the last time. I will assume it was special just for me. ;->

  5. It was just for you Annie B!

  6. Your so funny! I can't believe that happened! So about my blog......I am just waiting to take you to wingers! :> But you know, whenever you get to it.....:>