May 09, 2010

MacBerry Updates

Here is the latest round of pictures Jeremy and I have sent each other...cause we're nerdy like that.

Trip to the Jelly Belly Factory

 Yes, Kelson wanted to wear this to Walmart. Yes, I let him. Don't judge me.

Apparently Brynlie figured out how to take pictures with my phone.

Dane likes to do a few yoga stretches in the car. It's relaxing.

My friend Angie brought me this bit of goodness. She replaced the oil with pudding and added 3 kinds of chocolate chips to the cake. And I did eat it. In one sitting. Judge me.

Brynlie got her face painted at a school carnival. She bawled when we had to take it off for bed.

This is how we spent our drive to and from UT. Yes I take extra barf bags when leaving hospitals. So sue me.

I will have a wall like this one day...just so you know. Another reason why I heart IKEA.

Happy Birthday Brynlie!


  1. Auntie Patty5/07/2010

    Julie I love all the pictures but I must say the picture with Brynlie and a barf bag made me LOL!!!!!!!!!! Too,too funny!!! Love it!! Love you!

  2. No judgements - Just inspirations!!
    You should totally makret your own line of the barf bags in fun designs for kids ie... Woody for the boys and say princess and littlest pets for the girls you could make a killing.

  3. Marimom5/07/2010

    WHAT??? A trip to the jelly belly factory without Marimom?? Such cute pics, as usual and captions that make me LOL!! Oh..that barfing gene....didn't come from the Macdonalds...must be a Mortensen thing, he he he!! The designer barf bags sound like a great plan!! Ooooh, that goody from your friend...I too would have downed it in one sitting! Wish I had it right now!! Love you guys!!!!

  4. "Yes, Kelson wanted to wear this to Walmart. Yes, I let him. Don't judge me." - Soooo funny!!!

  5. Kelson and Vienna need to go on a date together to Walmart. He could wear the cowboy outfit and she can wear her cape with her mask.

  6. i take the barf bags from the hospital too, they are just way to handy.

  7. It's cool...You are allowed to wear ANYTHING to the Wal-Mart! I have seen much worse!!!

  8. Love all the photos...Avery is a Pet Shop fanatic too..she has over 50 of them. We have a shelf for

  9. I would have eaten that whole thing in one sitting too. I'm eating M&M's and it's only 10 am....I have zero self-control.
    I love all the pictures of your kids....they crack me up!

  10. I'm just wondering why I have had to wait so long for another post. I figured after the conference you would be inspired to do so much more. Even just a post bragging about Bryn being the snuggy wearer of the week.
    Come on Julie don't let me and the other thousand people down.

    Hehehehehe.....not kidding :->

  11. Marimom6/15/2010

    I totally agree with the last comment....soooo waiting for another blog with more pics of my adorable grandbabies. Just a gentle you guys!!!