April 25, 2010

Wait for it

Dear Mom,
Please stop yelling at me for not updating my blog. I'VE BEEN A LITTLE BUSY. This is what I have done in the last 2 weeks...

Threw 1 owl birthday party
Spent 2 hours recreating the Walmart ad owl for said birthday party
Had one barfing 2 year old
Jeremy got strep throat...AGAIN! Yes that would make the 3rd time since January.
3 doctor appointments
Went to California for 5 days for Jessi's wedding *Yea!*

Had one barfing 5 year old
Played Disney Scene it 6 times...2 of which were against my will
Has had Dane throw up 13 out of the last 16 nights
Started a new business venture...which is a different post for a different day
SOLD OUT the CBC conference!!
Jeremy had 28 parent teacher conferences
Changed  84 nasty diapers
Answered 962 emails
Taken 2 showers before 4:00 pm

Blogging will resume to its normal schedule after May 28...maybe.

In the mean time, here are some random pictures left over from our trip to UT so you can sleep at night.
Your favorite daughter

 This is Dane's "cheeese" face. I love it.



  1. I feel you pain sista and one day when I have like 1 whole free hour to myself and can make the stupid blogger upload my pics in some kind of nice order I will also update my blog!

  2. Julie: I hope your Mom feels badly now - after all you've been through this last month!!! I love you more than she does!!! I love all the pics you sent. I think the picture of Jessi and Richard is taken in the very same place that your Mom and Dad had a picture taken after their marriage in the Oakland Temple. How time flies!!! Especially love all the pics of your little munchkins!!!

  3. I must say I feel like your mom, I have been waiting for a post for 15 days. Jeesh! Love to look at your kids and stalk you in my free time.
    Thanks for the fix.

  4. Auntie Jan4/26/2010

    All your pics are TOOOOO cute!!! Did you have to photoshop Jeremy??? He looks pretty cute in those pictures!!!! HAHAHA!! Give the kids a big kiss!! XXOO

  5. Anastasia Beaverhousen4/27/2010

    HAHAHAHA!! That's why it DID take so long, photoshoping Jeremy WOULD take FOREVER!! hahahahah!

  6. That picture of Daners is PRECIOUS!!

  7. Auntie Patty4/27/2010

    and you want another one maybe????? LOL!!!!!! Darling pictures Julie,you GOOOOO mama!!! Loved seeing you all!

  8. Okay so julie I looove you but I love these pictures and I have never wanted to give jeremy a big fat kiss more!

  9. Julie, that last picture of Daners is to DIE for!!!!!!!

  10. Marimom5/01/2010

    Once again....do I have the CUTEST grandkiddos or what??? The paretns are pretty cute too, so it figures, I guess!! I love the posts and especially love the pics! Sorry to hear you have had such a stinkin; month. Wish I lived closer....would loved to have helped...even with one or two of the diapers!!!!!!!! hugs and kisses to all!