April 04, 2010

Spring Break '10

For spring break we headed down to Utah to meet this little dude and go to his blessing:

This is my little sister Lauren. Remember her? She's the one that didn't get sick ONCE while being pregnant. Hate her with me, wont you?

We spent some time in Logan w/ baby Oaklen, watched Modern Family a ton (which is theee best show ever) and hung out with lots of family. Then we took off to SLC for the rest of the week.

Jeremy's Mom and aunt threw one heck of an Easter party for all of their grandkids.

This is how Brynlie and Kelson always end up. I don't know how they are our children. Both just chill doing their own thing while everyone else parties. Brynlie is on one end of the party and Kelson's on the other. Maybe they're just candy hoarders. All that matters is that they had a blast...and shared their candy with me :)
And then there is Dane who is perfectly content with anything as long as he has a ball to throw or kick.
Besides the kids awesome carsickness, it was fun to just hang out for awhile...and beat the heck out of Jeremy at Skipbo...but really, whats new?
We also HAD to go to Tucanos. I would totally move to UT to be closer to that little piece of heaven. I completely out ate Jeremy and I'm not ashamed. It was good and I'd do it again.

I had a couple fun meetings while I was there and I FINALLY got to meet the Motherboard! She runs MMB and is one of the girls who is planning the Casual Blogger Conference with me.  We talk and email all the time, but were finally able to meet in a completely un-awkward online dating sort of way. This may sound silly, but I am truly convinced that we were meant to meet each other and do this conference together. It was meant to be. I am so thankful and excited to be a part of it. We only have around 30 tickets left SOLD OUT!, so if you want to party it up w/ some of these people, better get your ticket fast! Plus, I'm in charge of the swag bags and they are going to be AWESOME!


  1. Those Tarter girls sure do know how to throw a party!! I'm sad we missed seeing everyone, but it sounds like it was fun!

  2. Take it like a man Macdonald.

  3. I'll hate Lauren with you for not getting sick and for being so skinny with such a little baby! Who does that?! I can't believe your baby is already one! I love that he jumped right into that cake! Thatta boy! We may have been in Utah the same time. Dang!