July 03, 2011

Daner Doo

Dane is not my child. I'm starting to believe he was switched at birth. He climbs on things and gets into things like none of his siblings ever did. He thinks he's 5 years old. It's no fun going to parks or even stores with him. He thinks it's funny to run away and make his pregnant mother sprint across the parking lot to grab him. If this next baby turns out like him, I will be house ridden for at least 4 years.

This was my toaster.

Dane is a supehero at all times. All. Times. His latest thing is "pulser bast" (repulsor blast) like Iron Man. We have to fall down and then do it back to him so he can dramatically fall down and play dead.

We put Dane in a big boy bed at the beginning of the year. It wasn't as bad as we had anticipated, but every once in awhile he'll go sleep somewhere totally random. And sometimes we can't find him for a long time.


Lately he insists on sneaking in bed with Kelson.

He turned 2 in March and starting talking quiet a bit. Since December he has had 5 ear infections and then got 3 more within the last 2 weeks. They said his ear drums are now inverted so he'll have to get tubes again next week. Hopefully that will fix it or we might have an issue later on. They did a hearing test and apparently he has a pretty hard time hearing because his tubes fell out. I had no idea. Just thought he has been ignoring me for 6 months. I'm much more considerate now when I yell at him.

Dane does like to snuggle a bit...so that makes up for his spastic ways. At least sometimes. He does not like swimming, he'll eat just about anything you put in front of him and he has become quiet artistic lately. He has been displaying this new talent on several walls, doors and windows. 


  1. I think you'll see a huge difference in his talking after his tubes again. Teik has improved so much thanks to his. I had no idea that I was the only one understanding the kid! You kids are adorable!

  2. That is too cute. I love that he sleeps in random places and I totally know what it's like to sprint while pregnant after a two year old and unfortunately I've had more then one child do that to me so be grateful it's just the one and a cute one at that!!

  3. Marimom7/16/2011

    Oh Daner Doo!! Love the picture where he is Kelson's pillow...brotherly love for sure! Can hardly wait to squeeze him to pieces! If it involves chasing him down we may have a problem, tho'! HAAAA! Love you cute boy!!